Logistics Services

Our solutions

GAS recognizes the need of our customers for flexibility. Using one of our 33 multi-user warehouses you will be able to quickly respond to expanding or reducing inventory levels at variable cost.We find the right location for storing and handling your goods, and ensure that they are optimally stored and handled as cost-efficiently as possible. We provide industry-specific solutions for your product and market needs.

Our warehousing solutions include:

Inbound Logistic Services

  • Inspection and registration
  • Unloading and palletising
  • Checking for defects and damage
  • Serial number registration
  • Storing of products in assigned racks or bins

Warehouse Storage Services

  • Continuous counting of stock levels
  • Condition-controlled storage
  • Bulk storage
  • Shelf and bin locations
  • Conventional rack storage
  • Wide variety of location sizes

Outbound Logistic Services

  • Outbound logistic picking principles
  • Accuracy checks on sales orders, packing lists, and parcel labels
  • Flexible employee pool to handle seasonal peaks